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Never miss another ribbon splicing opportunity.


Rent a Corning minimass ribbon splicer to take full advantage of those big fiber splicing opportunities.


Splice 12-fiber ribbons in about 10 secs with an average 0.04 dB loss rather than slitting them, doing 12 individual splices while consuming twelve protection sleeves where one will do.


Think of us as a Contractors’ SplicerKit Co-Op - get everything you need, where you need it, when you need it, and READY-to-WORK.


Rent a complete, tested, and clean Corning minimass kit for as little as 30 days for $480
(with all service taxes included), $16 a day beyond that initial month.


Call today, to ship today: 903-640-4900 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm CST)


Run into a snag? Not likely with the toughest ribbon splicer ever manufactured; but if you do, our fleet has depth. Exchange units are always ready to ship at a moment’s notice.


Save time, save money, let us help you get all the good business.

Aces miniMASS Splicer SN: 7424 RibbonSplicers.com Bingo miniMASS Splicer SN: 7430 RibbonSplicers.com
Blackbelt miniMASS Splicer SN: 7045 RibbonSplicers.com Blaze miniMASS Splicer SN: 7346 RibbonSplicers.com
Bolt miniMASS Splicer SN: 7246 RibbonSplicers.com Dash miniMASS Splicer SN: 7439 RibbonSplicers.com
Hero miniMASS Splicer SN: 7320 RibbonSplicers.com Hornet miniMASS Splicer SN: 7449 RibbonSplicers.com
Pecos miniMASS Splicer SN: 7381 RibbonSplicers.com Roller miniMASS Splicer SN: 7257 RibbonSplicers.com
Spark miniMASS Splicer SN: 7153 RibbonSplicers.com Striker miniMASS Splicer SN: 7441 RibbonSplicers.com
Tank miniMASS Splicer SN: 7443 RibbonSplicers.com Volt miniMASS Splicer SN: 7372 RibbonSplicers.com
Wrangler miniMASS Splicer SN: 7154 RibbonSplicers.com

Corning miniMASS Splicer

Our fleet has gone many directions over the last 15 years before settling on an exclusive minimass stable. As you might imagine, our TyroLab services group has processed dozens of splicers every week since 2002 - we’ve seen them all, Sumi’s, Fuji’s, Fitel’s, ericsson’s, Siecor/Corning and even the latest crop of Korean entries.


One very small jewel sets the miniMASS C752 apart when it comes to repeatability and unbeatable ribbon splicing, the V-groove block. The C752's block uses an exclusive precision polished, etched glass ribbon guide to precision align the ribbon fibers fibers into fusing position. Being etched glass it is difficult for strand contamination or even icky pic to fuse into the grooves. Our tech’s are able to refresh the block every visit with 99% alcohol and micron bristled fiberglass sweeps. This precise guide is the only design that ensures your last splice is as good as your first.


Cleaning is key to splicing.

Cleaning is the staple of splicing, stay away from splicers that the V-grooves can’t be cleaned without scrubbing (ceramic), or worse, nylon or plastic that will the inevitably become scratched or burnt with standard use. A degraded performance from your splicing tool originates with machine design to handle the fiber(s). I’m sure they worked quite well out of the box; but, compare results to a minimass after a couple hundred splices and it is obvious why repeatability is not a new equipment data sheet spec. Plastic or nylon V-grooves are not an investment, they are a manufacturing cost reduction to get you past that first year of use, and, ALL models of both core and V-groove alignment splicers rely on accurate V-grooves to bring the fibers together.

V-Groove Block
miniMASS C752
V-Groove Block

Tyrosys / TyroLab - RibbonSplicers.com Rental Fleet

A note from our Founder and CEO; Why the Mini-Mass?

Rental Terms and Detailed Information

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Tyrosys Corp is a qualified small, Veteran-owned Texas Corporation.

Tyrosys was born out of our company founder and CEO, Bill Chapman, passion for technology in October 2002.

Frequently customers ask us about the origin of our company name. Tyrosys is more than just a name, its a commitment towards our customers and a motto for how we do business.

Tyrosys was created with the focus that technology is always evolving so we must continually learn in order to be experts, and that buying decisions are made with the systems and passion dedicated to provide quality service.

We are humble and understand that people have many choices when it comes to the rental and service of their Test Equipment. Our technicians are focused on providing clients with quality repairs, knowledgable solutions, and quick turnaround.

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